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The owners committee is the maximum organisation of the Community, and is comprised of all the co-owners of a property who meet together in an assembly and make decisions relative to the property. This committee may designate a professional Property Administrator who, according to the existing laws, has the following obligations:

Take appropriate measures and perform the actions required for correct conservation of the assets and correct operation of all Community services
Ensure that the proprietors comply with their obligations, and issue any appropriate warnings
Prepare the annual accounts of the past financial year and the budget for the next one
Execute the agreements made by the committee, collect debts and make the corresponding payments with the approval of the president of the committee
Decide on the execution of urgent conservation work and repairs, all of which must be immediately reported to the president
Pay, with authorisation of the president, any urgent expenses that must be settled from the reserve fund
The administrator is responsible for his/her actions before the committee

For this reason the management and administration of the property should be placed in the hands of a professional (Member nº 831), as this person is professionally prepared to take on these tasks and make sure that your common property is in the same suitable condition as is your private property.


Call and attendance at the General Owners Meeting - Draft the minutes of the meeting and send them to all proprietors - Coordination of work - Building record book - Community insurance - Collection of individual quotas - Payment of community invoices and receipts – Daily accounting - Management of debtor proprietors – Control of the community bank account - Relations with official organisations - Information on current legislation - Legal advice


Thanks to our years of experience in the property market, EMPORHABITAT has new promotional offers in Llançà the Costa Brava and throughout the Alt Empordà region, with offers which adapt to your needs, making your choice of an ideal home that much easier.

In order to facilitate purchasing a new property, we have promoted a system of initial renting with a later purchase option, a procedure which helps families faced with the difficult task of acquiring a home and paying the initial fees, this lightens the tax burden so that tenants can become owners more easily, once they are financially prepared.

You can benefit from the professional advice of our architects, lawyers and taxation experts to clarify any doubts you may have before taking an important decision.

Take a look at our new promotional offers and we will be happy to inform of any details you wish to know ( materials used, tax information, assessment, information about the area, etc). We will inform you about and assess your choice of property.


A service conceived and designed for second residences or holiday homes that proprietors can not look after during a large part of the year because of the distance from their usual residence.

As a service company, Emporhabitat works with a professional team, capable of solving any question that could affect your home: requests for estimates, control of work, legal information, advice in our offices, relationships with supply companies (water, electricity...), key custody, inspection after storms...


1 – The Commercialisation of Rental Services

The main services and initiatives which EMPORHABITAT carry out when seeking clients and initiating rental contracts are the following:

  • 1.1 – Determination of the price and the rental conditions

    The previous step, before placing a property(commercial property or house) on the rental market is to determine the price and the rental conditions with the owner.

    If the property is available we present the owner with a justified evaluation of the rental price which we consider valid, with reference to other properties with similar characteristics.

    Rental conditions are established with each owner on a case by case basis (length of contract, tenancy regulations, expenses involved, etc).
  • 1.2 – Market Strategy and Advertising

    The profile of potential tenants will be defined with respect to the characteristics described in the section above (average income, number of persons per family unit, etc.).

    The most suitable type of advertising to be used will also be considered, if necessary, to attain full occupation (signs, newspaper advertising, window displays, etc).
  • 1.3 - Contacts and acceptation of the tenant

    Our sales team will carry out interviews, visits to the property and will follow up interested clients.

    Before accepting a tenant a detailed study will be carried out of his/her economic situation, with proof of income to show that rental payments can be met and that previously this person has not been problematic in other rented properties. We therefore request the following information:

    Bank statements
    Employment situation
    Family income and pay slip
    Details from previous properties if a rental contract was involved.
  • 1.4 – Rental contract

    A rental contract adapted to current leasing legislation will be drawn up, establishing all the conditions and agreements necessary which cover protection and which respect the property at all times.
  • 1.5 – Provision of keys

    The use of the services (water, gas etc) and the norms of tenancy (private and community rules) are explained to the tenant when the keys are handed over.

2 – The complete administration and management of rental procedures

The aim of our professional services, with respect to this complete administration service is to obtain the highest profitability while duly maintaining your property.

The main procedures involved in a rental contract are as follows:

Charging of monthly rental payments
Charging of expenses and services deriving from the rental procedure
Pursuance of debtors
Extension or termination of contracts
Annual rental increases
Inspection of the property at the end of the rental period
Repairs and maintenance work
Key control
Cleaning, repairs and refitting/cleaning of property when not inhabited

3 – Building administration and maintenance

This section includes all those services necessary for the proper administration and complete maintenance of the rented property.

  • 3.1 – Management of services and equipment in the building

    Contracts and the payment of bills for services provided (water, gas, electricity, drainage and waste disposal)
    Lift maintenance company
    Cleaning company
  • 3.2 – Building insurance

    A study of the insurance proposals – covering all those risks deriving from the property (fire, explosions, broken glass, flooding, leaks, civic responsibility, etc.)
    Payment and administration of the yearly insurance policy
    Maintain the safety of the building and where applicable, draw up a safety plan
  • 3.3 - Control of payments.

    All payments for the building (rent, maintenance, cleaning etc.) are administered through a bank account.
  • 3.4 – Maintenance of the building

    3.4.1 – Periodical inspections

    A detailed control and revision is carried out at least once a month of the state and maintenance of the services, elements and equipment in the building.

    Checks are made of access doors, paint and the general state of the façade, vestibules and stairs (checks for damp, cracks, leaks, etc), light bulbs in stairways, lifts, TV antennas, water, electricity and gas meters, and the state of cleanliness.
    3.4.2 - Repairs

    Immediate notification to companies for small-scale repairs (lift, carpentry, electrical fittings, brickwork, etc.)

    If the damage is significant the owner will be notified beforehand and estimates will be requested from several relevant companies.

4 – Assessment service for property owners

The owner will be informed at all times of those legal questions which may affect his/her property, especially in relation to rental agreements.

5 – Payments to the owner and estimates

  • 5.1 – Monthly payments

    The corresponding payments will be made on a monthly basis with the owner.

    The payment procedure will detail the income and expenses for each month with the corresponding documents of validation.
  • 5.2 – Budget for Use

    When an entire building is used for rental purposes a budget is drawn up for the use of the building and presented to the property owner at the beginning of each year.

    At the end of the year the budget is checked over with a justified analysis of any deviations which may have occurred.


Any procedure undertaken in EMORHABITAT related to the purchase or sale of property will be attended by a qualified API agent who will be happy to attend to any question or service presented. API (Spanish authorised estate agents are qualified professionals who act as intermediaries in property transactions, their services is overseen by professional colleges.

The property purchasing process can be defined in the following stages, each one of which is essential:

The choice of property – selecting according to your criteria
Information of the legal and taxation situation, with reference to council charges and registration
Contract and deeds
Processes: deeds, taxes and housing registry
Regularisation of property details

The API is the assessor from when you first decide to purchase a property. This API will help you find the best offer as we have extensive knowledge of the market with up to the minute information.

Property Option

The API is the assessor from when you first decide to purchase a property. This API will help you find the best offer as we have extensive knowledge of the market with up to the minute information.

Legal, registration and taxation situation

Professional API regulations stipulate that all property sales made must guarantee that the vendor is legally permitted to sell the property and that the purchaser can acquire and use the building without hindrance.

The API agent must also ensure that the property is not encumbered by any registry fee or imposition, and if this is the case the pending amount will be paid with total security. It is currently the task of the notary to obtain registry information.

The situation of outstanding payments with respect to taxes the co-owners’ community and the local council must also be verified.


Each property purchase is different and so the criteria for finding the best financing arrangement need to be studied. The API has constant and direct relations with financial bodies and is able to facilitate precise information, keeping you informed and assessed with respect to all proposals and options available.

Once you have taken the important decision to purchase or sell a property with the consequences involved in large monetary transactions, with API you can rest assured that you have been properly assessed by a professional service. Further large expenses and financial problems are the last thing you need, with API assessment you can prevent future financial headaches.


EMPORHABITAT are certified API estate agents (Nº 683 in the province of Girona and nº 19214 in Spain). The property evaluation of an expert is always valuable and especially necessary in a sector such as property sales during these current economic climes.

Officially certified estate agents are professionals who are authorised to make evaluations of property under the vigilance of professional colleges.

The property market is divided by both sectors and with respect to functionality. There are local markets which behave differently with respect to location and property types.

Factors such as first or second row from the beach, commercial building on the street or in shopping centres, country homes, etc are all taken into account. This kind of specialised service can only be offered by fully-qualified professionals.

Not only do these evaluations help clarify commercial transactions, a professional document are compulsory with respect to determined objectives defined by the sector itself:

Mortgage guarantee for credits and loans
Cover of technical provisions for insurance companies
Property price evaluation by banks or building societies
Property price evaluation by Pension Funds

The evaluation of an expert is also a document which provides support and guarantees on the purchase of a property.

Purchase-sales administration
Evaluation of property assets
Legal procedures
Separation of property in divorce proceedings
Inheritance proceedings

Definition of the criteria or values used:

Market value
Cost de replacement or repossession
Cost of construction by contract
Necessary construction requirements
Physical depreciation
Useful life
Market value or cost of theoretical repossession
Maximum legal value
Useful surface area
R coefficient
Calculation mode for surface area

Documentation required by evaluation regulations:

Registry certification, simple note, photocopy of the registration book or photocopy of property deeds


The registry certification expedited within the three months previous to the evaluation date
The simple note may be an original or a copy and must be expedited within the three months before the evaluation date
No previous criteria exist either for the photocopy of the Registry Book or for the photocopy of the Property Deeds

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